We Belong - Uniform

Uniform At Pascoe Vale North Primary School, uniform is compulsory.

All children are expected to wear the official approved school uniform items at all times, that is, either the official school dress, red polo shirt with navy shorts or navy track pants, and for cooler weather, a red windcheater or baseball jacket in school colours. All tops should have the school logo on them.

Students are expected to follow the School Dress Code as well as Student Code of Conduct. Parents and Guardians are expected to support students in following the school’s Uniform Policy and Student Dress Code. Where students continue to be in breach of school’s uniform requirements, the school will undertake disciplinary procedures in accordance with the Uniform Policy and Dress Codes.  

Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Second hand Uniform Shop is held on 1st Wednesday of each month (March to Dec) except in October when it is the 2nd Wednesday of the month. All dates are in the calendar. The Shop is held twice on the nominated Wednesday at the following times Session 1: 8.30 am to 9.15 am Session 2: 2.45 pm to 3.30 pm.

The Shop will be located on tables outside the School library. We sell clothes, and also collect any items that people would like to donate, or sell on commission. All money raised goes to school fundraising. All uniform items in good 2nd hand condition are welcome. We’d especially like to get hold of some more uniform items in larger sizes (10+). If you have questions about the 2nd hand uniform shop, or would like to be involved in the 2nd hand uniform shop sub-committee, please contact Brigid Tennyson on 0438 311 208.