We Belong - Assemblies

Whole School Assembly

During 2011 we decided to change our assembly time from morning to afternoon.

The purpose behind this was to better utilize our additional part time Literacy teachers and have a whole two hour Literacy block in the morning.

As a result, a whole school assembly takes place at 2:55pm every Friday on the basketball courts. If it is too hot or too cold, an indoor assembly is held with children staying in their rooms with annoncements and awards read over the public address system.

This is a time to celebrate student achievements and to share information with our school community. Students take an active role in this assembly by presenting a number of reports each week.

Parents are welcome to attend.

Grade Assembly

Each grade has a designated assembly point for the purpose of lining up each morning and after each recess and lunch break.

The children are made aware of their lining up area during the first week of school and parents are welcome to attend these morning assemblies.