We Belong - Student Health

Medication at School

If your child requires regular and ongoing medication at school please discuss their needs with the front office/Senior First Aid officer. You will be required to provide all medication (within ‘use by’ date) and a management plan compiled by a medical practitioner or specialist. This medication will be held in the office and administered as instructed.

If your child needs to take medication on a temporary basis during school hours please complete a medication form (you can download or pick up one from the office). Staff are unable to give medication to students without parental consent. Students must not have any type of medication in their possession or in their bag.


The school aims to provide a safe environment for all in which allergic reactions can be avoided. In order to meet the needs of students attending the school with known allergies, the school aims to provide an environment that minimises their exposure to known allergens.The school provides staff with information to take appropriate and immediate action when a reaction occurs.

For further information please see the policies regarding Allergy Exposure Prevention and Anaphylaxis.  

Head Lice

Please check your child’s hair regularly and inform the class teacher if you have detected any small eggs or head lice. This is to allow for arrangement of a notice to go out to other families so they can also conduct checks. Your child may return to school as soon as their hair has been treated. Please note that in the case of lice being found that a repeat treatment is recommended 7 days following. This assists in the process of getting rid of all eggs or recently hatched eggs that may not have died after initial treatment. Please be guided by your treatment product directions. Please see the Headlice policy for further information.  

Brain Food

Children are encouraged to have ready to eat fruit or vegetables to be eaten in class when appropriate. Brain Food is food that contains nutrients that play an integral role in learning and health. Foods such as raw fruit and vegetables that can be easily eaten without peeling are permissible. Packaged foods are not permitted. Students may have their water bottle (water only) in class and are able to drink throughout the day.

Sun Smart

We are a ‘Sun Smart’ school. Wearing a school hat is compulsory from September to April. Hats can be purchased from the office. To check current ultraviolet levels, go to http://www.sunsmart.com.au/uvalert/widget-sizable.asp