We Belong - Canteen/Lunch Orders

Pascoe Vale North has an on-line lunch order system with a supplier.

Everything is ordered and paid for on-line. All the children have to do is eat their lunch when it is delivered.

Parents can order on Classroom Cuisine’s (CC) website on the morning of the day lunch is required, but it is much better if parents order the night before.

The service is on-line, and the cut-off time really is 8.30am!

The supplier does not take manual/phone/email orders to ensure that no mistakes are made with orders. If lunch is ordered online (the only way to do so) your child will get it!

The Menu is cold/room temperature so delivery doesn't need to be right on lunch time.   

Usually CC will deliver within an hour or so of the lunches being eaten and they will be delivered to the office as per normal.

Lunches will be in tubs with ice packs in the bottom, and CC will pack the lunches in as few tubs as possible to transport them, however it will really depend on numbers as to how many tubs and how we sort them.

CC will provide a list at the time of delivery of which children have lunch orders as a point of reference for your office staff. 

For hungry kids, the bottom line is - if there is an order in the CC system on a particular day IT WILL ARRIVE!

For more information, go to the website at: