We Experience - Concert

The school has an annual concert. Each grade performs an item and the school choir and school band also perform.

The date for this year’s concert will be announced in the newsletter later in the year.

Selection of concert items is made by each teacher/grade and children are taught the songs during their music lessons.

We also utilize a choreographer who teaches the children the dance moves for their song.

Teachers decide upon the dress/costume for their item and will organise for each child to have a costume by the night of the concert with the assistance of families. This is generally paid for through the concert budget. However, children may also be asked to bring items from home.

The children have a closed dress rehearsal at school prior to the concert and a rehearsal on the day of the concert.

Parents are notified when tickets are available for purchase. As the concert is held on the school oval, there is no limit on the number of tickets.

All monies collected through tickets are used to pay the expenses we accrue in running the concert.

This is a wonderful night for our school community to come together and celebrate!