We Experience - Prep Orientation

An orientation program of three sessions is conducted late in Term 4 for the following year’s Preps.

The program consists of activities for children, a series of talks by staff and a visit by an animal farm. The preps will also have an opportunity to meet their ‘Buddy’ who will help them transition to school.

Buddy System

Each Prep is introduced to a Grade 5 or 6 student during orientation who will be their buddy for the transition to school. Usually it is on a one to one basis but at times there may be two children who share the responsibility. The idea of the buddies is to provide a senior school child for each prep child, who will help them in their transition from home/ kinder to school. The buddies are allocated during Prep Orientation. Buddies wear bright red hats so that they are easily spotted by the preps. During the first couple of weeks the buddies help preps find their way around school and to their lines, they help them get organized for playtime and lunchtime and generally look out for them in the yard. They try to provide a positive role model. The buddies initially stay with the preps in the yard for a few days at which time they encourage them to play with other preps. This support is reduced gradually.

Buddies wear their red hats for all of Term 1.

Prep School Days Term 1

The school year begins for prep students toward the end of January. During the first week of school, parents should bring their child to the designated class and leave the room quickly to avoid ‘first day’ emotional stress. We then invite parents to joins us for a ‘Meet and Greet’ morning tea in the MPR. For the first days the children will finish school at 1.15pm. Two small lunches will be required every day. Prep children do not attend school on Wednesdays in Term One. This time is set aside for individual testing.

You will be notified when your child needs to attend.