We Explore - Student Leaders

 School Leaders.

At the end of each year, two students are selected from the grade fives to become the school leaders for the upcoming year.  We also select two house captains for each of the four school houses. These students are presented with their titles and badges at the annual Sports Awards ceremony.

There are three stages to the selection process. First of all, the current student leadership are asked for their opinions of what students they think would make good school leaders. The second stage is for the staff at the school to sit down and look over the Grade Five children and make the final selection.  Finally, the suggested list is submitted to the Principal and Assistant Principal.

The two school leaders represent the entire Grade Six cohort. They have many monitorial jobs that include securing the school gates each day, compiling and editing the Kids’ Breaking News page in the school newsletter and reciting the school declaration at assembly. Whenever there is an incursion or excursion, the school leaders are the ones that give thanks on behalf of the entire group. They are automatically part of the Junior School Council and also bring any ideas or issues to the 5-6 teachers.