We Explore - Meet the Principals

Introducing the Principal and Assistant Principal

The Principal

Deborah Crane is Principal at Pascoe Vale North Primary School. Deborah has had teaching experiences in both north and west regions of Melbourne. Her experience includes all levels as a primary classroom teacher, English as an Additional Language teacher as well as a Visual Arts Specialist. 

Deborah was a Leading Teacher for many years, but in 2009, her flair and innovation saw her become the Leading Teacher of school curriculum. During these years Deborah lead school changes which resulted in significant improvements within teaching and learning programs and student outcomes.

In 2012, Deborah’s ability to see the big picture and to have a strong vision for improvement saw her become an Assistant Principal. From 2013, Deborah undertook many opportunities for self-improvement and learning which assisted her journey to where she is now. The Bastow ‘Unlocking Potential’ Principal Preparation Program in 2015-2016 allowed Deborah to realise her Principal readiness.

Deborah, along with 4 other Principal/AP colleagues, developed and ran a Leadership Program called Building Leadership in Schools (BLiS) Program (2014-2017), which won 2 Hume Council awards, one being the Honourable John Cain Award. This BLiS Program had approx. 70-80 participants each year with the aim of developing leadership skills for teachers’ current roles within their schools. Deborah is active in the Regions Hume/Moreland Network and is a member of the Executive Team. Deborah is also part of the Victorian Principals Association and was on the State Council in 2018. Deborah’s core values that underpin everything she stands for is Respect and Communication. 

The Assistant Principal

Betty Stergiopoulos has worked in variety of teaching roles, classroom settings, and as a Reading Recovery teacher. She has taught all classrooms levels P-6, art specialist as well as teaching adults in tertiary and Professional Development settings.

Betty has completed a Masters Degree in Literacy Intervention and in 2006 she became the Assistant Principal here at Pascoe Vale North Primary School.