We Learn - Introduction to Learning at PVNPS


At Pascoe Vale North Primary School we have a strong emphasis on Literacy success for all of our students. We cater for all students by implementing focused teaching groups with opportunities for extension. We also offer a wide range of additional literacy programs such as Reading Recovery, Rainbow Reading, a grade 3-6 comprehension program, small group and 1:1 assistance. We are well resourced in literacy and constantly update our materials. We have Netbooks, notebooks and desktop computers as well as Ipods installed with a wide range of Literacy programs. Recently we have introduced Interactive Whiteboards to further engage students in their literacy learning. The teachers at Pascoe Vale North Primary School plan and implement an engaging literacy program and our data indicates that we are achieving or surpassing our literacy goals. At Pascoe Vale North Primary School we appreciate and encourage parents to help in our Literacy Block and offer a Classroom Helper’s Program to all of our parents.


Mathematics lessons run from Prep to Grade 6. A typical Maths lesson will include a warm up activity, explicit instructions followed by small group activities that are hands-on and promote problem solving, ending with sharing time to discuss what students have learnt or discovered. All students have 5 hours of mathematics weekly. Our school has a Mathematics Scope and Sequence that clearly outlines what needs to be taught at each year level during the term. Our Mathematics Scope and Sequence includes the following five standards: Number, Space, Measurement, Chance and Data, Working Mathematically and Structure. We do both formal and informal assessments. Formal Mathematics assessments take place during term 1 and term 4 in Prep and once every term in the 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6 areas. Numeracy events: - Family Maths Nights - Support programs, Maths intervention - Extension programs: Maths Enrichment Program(Newton Booklet – Australian Mathematics Trust) for the 5/6s - Maths advance Group as organised by Glenroy Secondary Collage for a selected group of 5/6s


All students attend Art classes. Students develop skills using different media such as clay, paint, fabrics, card and paper. All classes make 2D paintings, collage, photography and drawing. They also construct 3D sculptures, ceramics, dioramas and textile work. If the students are using ‘messy’ materials they will use one of the school’s art smocks.

ICT (Information and Communications Technology)

All students attend weekly ICT lessons in the computer lab. The children experience a range of activities to assist in developing their computer and communication skills. In addition to the weekly ICT lessons, all children have access to computers in the classroom. Students also work on digital portfolio which can be shared with the family during the student-led conferences.


Each grade from Prep to Grade Six has a 20 minute timetabled session in the library and borrowing takes place during these sessions. Please ensure that your child has a library bag to protect the books they borrow. You will be asked to replace lost or damaged books.


In addition to classroom Music lessons, the school has a Choir and a Rock Band. Children in the senior school are able to audition for these groups. Guitar and ukulele lessons are held before and after school. Keyboard lessons and drum lessons are also available during school hours. Permission forms for keyboard and drum lessons are available from the office. Specific charges are made for instrumental music lessons. Concert The school has an annual concert. Each grade performs an item and the school choir and school band also perform. The date for this year’s concert will be announced in the newsletter later in the year.

Christian Religious Education

Religious Education takes place on Monday afternoons for half an hour. A classroom teacher supervises during the session. Children will attend if parents have given their consent. At PVNPS we offer a Christian Religion Education Program. All instructors are accredited by Access Ministries. Parental consent is understood to be a commitment to the year’s program. There are alternative activities for students not participating in RE.

Physical and Sports Education

The children will be involved in a range of activities once a week during their Physical Education session and on Fridays during our sports session. This will involve training in skills for sports related to our Summer and Winter Inter School Sport fixtures, preparing for the district cross country and athletics and participating in sports clinics. Preps are involved in the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP). Our school is a member of the Coburg District Primary Schools’ Sports Association (C.D.P.S.S.A.). Children who are selected to participate in interschool sport ‘away matches’ pay for bus fares to the venues.

Integrated Studies

Each term we study a different topic for Integrated Studies. The topic chosen is integrated into the other areas of the curriculum, where possible. See the grade areas for this year’s topics.

You Can Do It

The ‘You Can Do It’ program aims to develop the thinking and the behaviours needed for success. The key foundations are Organisation, Confidence, Getting Along, Persistence and Resilience.


The school has a homework policy and at each year level it is implemented to support student learning. The school’s approach is to keep homework to a minimum, make it regular and relevant but increasing as students approach Year 6. Refer to year level tabs for more information and the Homework policies for the appropriate year level.